Monrud LLC

Monrud LLC is Mongolia’s leading services provider to the mining and exploration sector. Monrud specializes in designing, constructing, and managing field camps for operations of varying size in remote locations across the country. This includes the provision of catering and hospitality services, supply chain management, geological and exploration equipment, and both technical and support personnel. Since inception in 1995 we have cooperated with every major company operating in Mongolia and are proud to remain as their most trusted Mongolian services provider. We have:

Performed geological surveys in all regions of Mongolia
under contract of both private companies
and the Mongolian Government
Selected prospective metallogenic areas for a wide range of
materials including primary and placer
gold deposits
Undertaken geological mapping and surveying across Mongolia
at various scales of study
Complied regional and local geophysical investigations
Carried out geochemical exploration and research
Developed and operated field camps for the worlds leading exploration
and mining companies
active in Mongolia
Provided logistics, catering, and related services to all
regions of
Mongolia at the highest level of standard possible

Monrud has successfully collaborated with both foreign and domestic companies for the past 18 years. The cornerstone to our business has been the mutual trust that we have been able to develop with our clients, maintaining a stable business and providing effective services. This has been the underlying principal driving Monrud’s team of executives who have a combined experience of over 60 years in Mongolia’s mining and exploration sector.